Glaze spray system

Low pressure turbine with spray gun specially for ceramics.

HVLP- (High Volume Low Pressure) technology
The HVLP System uses a turbine to supply air, not an air compressor. The turbine contains no oil, so the possibility of oil getting onto your work via the air line is eliminated. Also, the air from the turbine is pre-heated and dry, so the possibility of condensation forming in the lines is eliminated.
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Low pressure turbine TMR 80
  • 800w – 230volt
  • Power cable 7 meters, 3m air hose
  • weight : 5 kg
  • max 1500 liters/min
  • maintenance free motor


Professional spray-gun for multicolours and water colours.
Die-cast aluminium body with blue non-stick PTFE lining.
Max. pressure: 0,35 Bar.
Product flow setting, a tap on the lid sets air flow to the tank.
Nozzle diam 2,5 mm. (on demand nozzles diam. 2,1 - 3 - 3,5 mm.); cap for round and fan-shaped spraying patterns.
Gravity fed tank in nylon with roughly 2000 cc capacity.
Weight: 850 g. roughly.

Understanding High Volume Low Pressure technology
Turbine-Powered HVLP Paint Spraying Systems use an electric turbine to deliver a high volume of air at low pressure to the gun's Air Cap. When the trigger is activated, the paint is released at the Fluid Tip and the high-volume low-pressure air atomizes the coating externally as it is being applied. By spraying at low pressure, Turbine-Powered HVLP Systems virtually eliminate bounce back and over spray, and dramatically reduce paint wastage.

Conventional spray systems:
- 30-50% transfer efficiency
- Excessive, costly paint wastage
- Unhealthy for operator and
harmful to the environment

Turbinaire HVLP systems:
- Up to 90% transfer efficiency
- Substantial paint savings
- Cleaner and safer for both
operator and environment