TOMA is a family business, which has been building kilns for more than 30 years, initially for firing ceramics and enameling; later also for other uses, such as glass processing, mould firing and metal smelting.

Insulating the kilns is an important process, in which only the latest materials are used to perfect every detail of the kiln.

This results in a balanced combination of insulation materials, for the lowest possible external temperature and low energy consumption.

The Coils are manufactured in our own factory and their high quality and surface load guarantee a long life.

The Frame is manufactured from steel or stainless steel, using the latest welding techniques, whereby special attention is paid to the finishing. After finishing, the steel kilns are sprayed inside and out, the stainless steel kilns maintain their natural color.

The Electrical components meet the highest requirements and are constantly adapted to the latest standards, in cooperation with an external company.

Safety is something that we pay particular attention to; all kilns are fitted with a special, approved safety switch and a maximum temperature safety circuit.

Development has led, by constantly searching for new materials and production methods, to a technically excellent product and approx. 60% waste reduction.